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Betty's Near Death Experience

The Recount of My Experience of Events of 1998
Recorded on March 13, 2019

In September of 1996, the Lord moved me to Dallas, TX from Abilene, TX.  My first job in Dallas was a local Internet Service Provider (name changed to preserve my life).  Six months into the job, a male co-worker came to me and said that I should go apply at another Internet Service Provider - a much larger company which ends up merging with another Service Provider. This company was hiring and the starting pay was expected to be at least $25 per hour.  So, I applied and soon afterwards had an interview set up with a man named, Randall Smith (Fictitious name to protect my life).  

As I went into the interview and saw the man who was to interview me, Randall Smith.  I saw immediately, that this person had some other agenda on his mind as he looked at me. He looked at me as if he were a starving person as he laid eyes on me like I was a smorgasbord to him. I felt very uncomfortable and even considered walking out of the interview even before it was even over. But I reasoned with myself, saying that he was not going to be my boss and he worked in another department and that I would probably never see him. (I've since learned how to obey Holy Spirit about such things!)

I wanted that high paying job so much that I did not listen to instinct. Selah!  So, the interview was very easy.  He obviously wanted me to have the job more than I wanted the job! And I got the phone call that I had been hired that very afternoon. I was excited to have the opportunity to a better life!

After training and beginning my work, this man, Randall Smith, would come to my area known as the bullpen quite frequently to chat with the others sitting around.  I would try to avoid being there every time he came around.

Then, in the month of October of 1997, all the people in my area (the bullpen) were buzzing around, making plans with each other and the excitement was more than I could bear. So I asked the female agent who sat directly in front of me, "What's all the excitement about?"  And she told me with a very straight face, "we are planning our festivities for the ceremony for tonight, Friday night --Halloween".  I was startled that so many people in that place were all working to plan a huge event on Halloween?

That next Monday, as I was speaking to the agent across from me, and I noticed that there was a co-worker who was not present. So, I asked the agent, "where is that guy?" as I motioned over to where a man used to sit diagonally from me. (knowing that he was quite involved with the organizing the past weekend's events)  The co-worker looked at me with a big smile and said, "Oh, he got sacrificed on Friday night!" I gulped. I guess the shock was so revealing that the agent noticed and said, "I am a witch. I am a white witch! I do good for people."  That response did not help my uneasiness, in fact, I decided right then, to stop interacting with this agent or anyone else around me.

Meanwhile, this man who interviewed me, Randall Smith, was constantly in my area, much to my disappointment.  I now have full understanding - hind sight is 20/20! - those people were witches in my area - the bullpen and must have been putting spells on me and/or putting something in my water whenever I was away from my desk. I say that because one afternoon, I "discovered" myself standing on a downtown Dallas street corner with this man, Randall Smith,  - the one who interviewed and hired me! At that moment, I realized that I could not move! I could not walk away! I thought to myself, "what am I doing here?  How did I get here? Why am I standing here with this man who gave me the "heebie-jeebies"?  "Why is this man talking to another man... and it sounds like he is going to marry someone?"


I literally, could not do anything to get myself out of this situation.  Then for some reason, I just blanked out again. I do not believe I passed out and hit the ground. I was still standing. But my mind just went blank. Until, I "awoke" again to find myself standing in front of this man, Randall Smith, the one who interviewed me and hired me, the same man I could not stand to be around. And it sounded like the man with Randall was going to marry this man, Randall Smith, and me!  Then, my mind went blank again.  

Then the abuse began!  This man did marry me. I did not marry him. He moved his things into my apartment. He made me pay ALL the bills and I mean, A-L-L of the living expenses for me ...and him!  I was "required" to pay his bills too.  And I was broke from that day forward. He badgered me, condemned me, he made my life a living HELL.  I could not believe I was actually married to this man and life with him was an absolute NIGHTMARE in every sense of the word that still gives me chills.  

With my mind going blank so much, who knows what else I had experienced.  Satanic Rituals? Most likely. I shudder to think what might have happened to me when my mind would go utterly blank with zero recollection.  I do not know. But God does.  Since that event happened, I have gotten quite a bit of revelation...more on that later.   The abuse was constant and "hard-hitting." Though, I do not recall his ever physically hitting me. He did do every other kind of abuse... mental and emotional, and more - you name it.

I had a wonderful little car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was almost paid off. I really liked that car.  After Randall Smith married me, he demanded that I trade the car in for another car.  I did not want to do that. I fought without winning. He demanded that I get rid of my car. So here we go to the car lot and there went my Eclipse and another car was purchased. But he had the title put in HIS name alone.  And of course, I now had a new bill to pay every month and this car note was over $600 a month. I made every payment along with all the other bills and lost my own car as a down payment for the new car.

For what seemed like months, this abuse continued. I began regretting the day I took that job at the same company that Randall worked at. And my demeanor and zeal for life continued to decline...deeper and deeper into fear, despair, and hopelessness and depression until one day, I just said to the Lord, "Lord, I can't do this. I can't go on. When will this ever end?"  For a few more weeks, all of the abuse continued, until one day, the Lord strengthened me and I had a powerful unction come upon me and I kicked Randall Smith out of my apartment, threw his things out and told him to never come back again.

My next stop was an attorney's office. I went to Deborah Pritchett, a Divorce attorney in Irving, TX.  I told her my story and she said, "This is easy!  You qualify for an annulment!" I said, "GREAT!!" Let's do it.  She processed everything without a hitch. And in three months, I was FREE of the tormentor, Randall Smith - or so I thought.  As an interesting side note, the attorney that helped me get set free, Deborah Pritchett, is now deceased. I attempted to look her up to get another copy of the Annulment Decree, only to find out that she got cancer and died in May of 2015. I can't help but wonder if she got inflicted with a cancer virus on purpose. Only God knows for sure...

Meanwhile, Randall Smith began tormenting me nearly every hour of the day every day for weeks saying, "I want that car! That is my car! The title is in my name!" I argued that he MADE me get rid of my car, he has several vehicles and this vehicle is mine because I have been the one to make the payments.  But that did not work. I had to hide the car blocks from where I worked to keep that car. Until one day leaving work and heading to my car, I saw him, standing there leaned up against the car with his arms and legs crossed waiting for me to show up.

He said, I am taking this car right now. I argued till I was blue in the face. But to no avail. He finally said that he would drop me off at a car lot for me to buy a car. I told him that I did not have one penny to my name because I had been paying all of his bills. It took more arguing for him to finally say that he would write me a check for $1,000 so that I would have a down payment.  He dropped me off at Park Cities Ford, a used car lot in downtown Dallas, handed me the check and I left, crying.  I walked into the lot and a sales agent greeted me. He could see how upset I was. I told him I need to buy a car. As we walked down the row of used cars, I spotted my favorite color, a blue teal vehicle - Honda Accord - I think a 1992 or 1993 model.

I told the sales agent, "I'll take that one."  The agent said, "don't you want to drive it first?" I said, "No. I just want to get out of here." So, reluctantly, the sales agent took the $1,000 down payment and sold me the car. I drove off and could tell something was wrong with this car. Later I went back and found out that the car had a broken axle. And to top that off, I found out that Randall Smith had stopped payment on that check he gave me.  This added to my depression and I continued to go down, down, down in spirit.

And the harassment from Randall Smith continued, in fact increased, even though he had his car, he had his $1,000 which he had previously given me until one Friday after getting off work, I said, "I just can't do this anymore." I went to Walgreens, and picked out a box of Sominex (I do not think they still make these anymore - if they do, it doesn't have the strength that it did back then).  I went home, opened the package and punched out tablets from the foil wrapping into my left hand until I stopped and counted the pills in my hand - I counted 19 and thought, "That should do it." And I swallowed all 19 in one gulp with a glass of water.  The moment I put the glass down I thought, "Eric!  I need to get to Eric"


My son, Eric, lived in Abilene with his father. I needed to get to Eric before...   Surely, I was under some kind of spell, because if I could think of my son, then #1, I wouldn't have taken those pills, and #2, I would have had the sense to make myself throw up before getting into my car to drive over 2 hours away to get to my son!

So, I got in my car and headed for Abilene.  As I was leaving the Metroplex I saw the sign that said, Weatherford 17 miles, and I was getting very groggy. I realized that I could not get all the way to Abilene. (naturally, after taking 19 sleeping pills!!) So, I did a U-turn right there. And I watched my hands go hand over hand to complete the U-turn. As I got onto the road going in the opposite direction intending to head back to my apartment, I let the steering wheel go so that it would straighten itself out.  As I let it go, so did I. I passed out.

The next thing I recall, I was being juggled about so much that I barely came to consciousness enough to see my head passing by a flight of stairs. My head was almost touching the stairway. Wow, this was really happening, my body was literally like laying over somebody's arm as if I were a limp rag doll and over backwards on someone's arm so that I could see the stairs passing by my head. I wondered what was going on. And I blacked out again until at the top of the stairs when I was juggled about again and brought me back to a semi-conscious state again.


I marveled as I saw a large transparent hand heading for the doorknob. The hand had my keys in it and the hand was unlocking my front door and I saw the transparent hand pushing the door open. I was carried into my bedroom and laid down on my bed. And whoosh... all of me sunk into the bed as if I was a limp heap of clothing. And I was out. I felt myself just melt into the mattress.

Then, my eyes opened. And I saw my ceiling. And I tried to move my arms and then my legs and realized I could not move. I was not able to move at all.  Instantly, I heard a loud and clear voice - a voice that could never be anybody else, but GOD ALMIGHTY Himself, say to me, "You must choose life or death!" And with everything in me and all the strength I could muster, I said, "I choose life!!"


And as I laid flat on that bed, I yanked up my arms and with such a supernatural bodily force, I went from laying on the bed to standing on my feet in a single bound!  I turned around and looked at the clock and said, "I need to hurry and get ready for work." So, I got all ready for work and head out to my car when I noticed that my car was parked perfectly between the lines of a parking space. I thought to myself, "hmmm... I guess I had a really bad dream!"

When I got to work I needed to use an employee badge to get into the building. But the badge did not work. I tried multiple times, but it did not work. Just then, a friend came by and said, "I'll let you in, but you need to go see Nancy."  Nancy Columbus was my supervisor. So, I went to see her. And she looked up at me and with surprise, said, "Betty, where have you been?"  At this point, I was confused and still didn't know what had happened to me or if everything I experienced was a bad dream or what. And I sure didn't want to tell her what I experienced. So, I said, "why?" And she said, "Betty, you have been gone three entire days. This is the 4th day!"  So, I told her my story... all that I could remember, that is. So, she told me that before she could let me come back to work, I needed to go to the doctor and get a release.

And so I went.  I told the doctor my story. And he diagnosed me with, Adult Situational Reaction. I took the note back to my supervisor and was allowed back to work. Later on, I realized that I was not just absent from my body for three days. Because it was a Friday afternoon when I decided I could not go on living. So, I was really absent from my body for 5 days - from Friday afternoon through the next Wednesday, until I woke up, and was given the life or death choice from God and returned to work on Thursday morning just as everyone else was getting to work too.

Thankfully, after that, Randall Smith did not bother me anymore.  I could not stand to live at that apartment anymore. I could feel his evil presence so much it suffocated me, so I moved to Montego Bay apartments at 4950 Courtside Dr, in Irving. I moved into a 2nd floor apartment and began my brand new life of churchgoing, clean fellowship and making new Christian friends. I was enjoying life again!!!

Soon after moving into the new apartment, I was awakened late at night with such a start by a VERY LOUD noise - so loud that the noise raised me to a sitting position while I was still asleep! I opened my eyes and found myself sitting upright in my bed and looking at the place where my ceiling used to be.  Something had taken the ceiling off my bedroom and my bathroom!  I now believe it was satan exhibiting his anger at me for not dying when he tried to kill me.  The devil was defeated and even now is a defeated foe!  Amen, and Amen!!

I have since received quite a bit of revelation as to what was going on during that time of my life and what I had experienced as I pursued and underwent 5 deliverance sessions, an inner healing session, and a Sozo session to get clean of the demonic activity that had been oppressing me since that event happened in 1998. Although I have experienced great freedom from all of this spiritual work, still, I pursue all He has for me and in 2017 I went to another powerful deliverance minister in Phoenix, AZ, named Michael W. Smith of Hardcore Christianity, two times - making my total count of deliverance sessions to seven to date.

Each of those two times with Michael W. Smith, (not the famous Christian singer) was very powerful and even a testimony in itself with the powerful results I received. I am committed to be completely free of any unclean thing in me to experience total freedom in Christ alone. Amen.  Thank You, Jesus!


And I am also convinced that the raising-from-the-dead experience I had has resulted in God's mighty power residing inside of me to this day. A power that I have noticed is often misunderstood by the so-called, "Super Duper" Christians. (and to some  extent not even fully understood by me)  

God as my witness, I worship Jesus, my Savior alone and I still desire everything He has for me for the rest of my days on Earth. And I know that this mighty power He has given me is to be used only for His purposes and that I am to remain steadfast in His kind of love for all people, though they may not understand all of His ways. Amen.

And I discovered that the man, Randall Smith, who hired me, married me, abused me, tormented me and now fully convinced who tried to kill me with witchcraft, was (or is) a warlock. I came to know that I had experienced a Satanic Ritual Abuse event.  And I realized that ignorance is not bliss. My ignorance of the darkness almost killed me.  But GOD! He knew my heart. He knew I would not kill myself. In fact, I have more revelation about what was going on while I was passed out or dead in my own bed after Jesus or an angel - Whoever it was that laid me upon my bed that day.

I was pondering the events of that period of time and I wondered what was going on while I was out cold or dead in my bed?  The Lord showed me. He gave me a vision of a courtroom in Heaven. Father, God was behind the Judgement seat, Jesus was my Defender and satan was the prosecutor. The devil kept telling God - the Judge, that I took my own life. That God has already decreed that anyone taking their own life would not go to Heaven. And Jesus stood there defending me, fighting for me, stating that it was him, satan, that made me take the pills by the oppression and torment and witchcraft. Though Jesus fought for me, satan would not give up on the legality of the situation.  Finally Father, God sitting behind the Judge's seat said, "let's ask her..."  

That was when I woke up, realized I could not move and at that precise moment, I heard the merciful Father God's perfect voice say to me, "YOU MUST CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH."  And the devil lost when I said, "I CHOOSE LIFE!!" and with such supernatural force, I went from a laying down position to up and standing on my feet in a single bound.  The Lord is soooo GOOD! 

Thank You, Jesus for a 2nd chance to life!!  Amen and Amen!!  Now, I live by: You died for me, so I will live for You!  Amen

PS.... after the event: Oh, there was something else that happened after the devil pulled the roof off over my apartment (nobody else's...just mine). Shortly after John and I were married in 1999, I had just gone to bed and about to doze off when I felt a very, very eerie and dark presence slip over my body like it was just inches from my face. It was incredibly evil so much so that it almost terrorized me... just then, I heard, "call out to JESUS!" And that's what I did. And the very moment I said the name of Jesus, the evil presence just slid away from me!  

Truly, the devil is very upset that I am still alive, declaring the goodness of God and even now, living out His plan for my life in a healing ministry.  I choose to live all of my days worshipping and flagging and praising Jesus till the day that God brings me Home to live with Him forever.  Amen and Amen!!

In preparation of creating a video out of my testimony, my husband, John, was asked to give his testimony about me and the life God gave us together. Here it is:

John's (Betty's husband) testimony of Betty

Before I met Betty, I had not really been a praying man, but I had recently turned to The Lord for help coping with day to day struggles.   I was seeking Him but I was still feeling far from Him and not devoted to Him.  I didn’t even really know what I should believe in.  

But I did pray that God would give me a wife who loved Him and was devoted to Him.  And I believed He would do this for me.

And God introduced me to Betty.

I began to realize that Betty loved The Lord was when we first went to her church.  She would dance as they sang the hymns.   I had never seen that before … but I liked it.

She spent time in prayer with Jesus which I had heard of but not ever done myself – attentive and with love for Him.

And I began to hope that God was going to use her devotion to Him to show me how to be devoted to Him.

She told me about her near death experience before we got married.   I could tell she really knew and believed it was Jesus Who saved her and before long I came to believe it as well.

Ever since I’ve known her, of the two of us, she has been the trailblazer for worshipping God and believing Him for miracles.

She encouraged me to read the Bible, to be baptized, to be filled with The Holy Spirit, and to worship with my hands raised.   (Dancing came later…a little)

With Betty’s encouragement and conviction, I was able to lead my kids to The Lord, begin to grow in knowing Him, and eventually leave my career and become a minister for Him.

But back before we got married, Betty said God told her she would have a ministry named His Guiding Light Ministries.

Clearly God led her to form and build the ministry.  I was very busy at the time and mostly just supported as I could.

She helped a lot of single moms and kids avoid a lot of disasters and begin looking to God, and start a healthy new life with Him.

I loved to watch her guide a mom to believing God for a better life for her and her kids.

Then one day, God told her He wanted her to become a healing minister.   All kinds of healing.  It was a big change but she was determined to make it.  

Her heart set on being ordained by a healing ministry that she’d come to admire and one day she told me she was going to do it with that same determination she had for the single mom’s ministry.   But this time I could hear The Lord calling me too -that we would be in ministry together.   So I joined her and we got ordained together.   

But it all began because Betty was so devoted to God.  I believe God had used the near death experience to give her heart confidence that she could be truly devoted to Him and that He could heal and help people though her.   And He’s convinced me as well.

And along the way we learned that her name in Hebrew means, “Devoted to God”!


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Blessed [be] the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly [places] in Christ,

 Ephesians 1:3 NKJV

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