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Betty's Testimonies of Healings and Miracles for God's Glory!

Betty's life itself is a miracle, because, if the enemy of our souls had its way, she would not be with us right now, actively documenting some of the wondrous healings that God would use her to accomplish.  That miracle's time is now to reveal to all how the enemy of our souls tried to kill her. Every word of this testimony is absoutely true. She wants to further expose the enemy's plan to steal, kill and destroy all, and to show off God's mericiful love for His sheep.  We pray that it blesses  you, as you realize to what lengths Jesus will be there for us in our time of need!!  Click here to leave this page and go to this testimony.



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(As told by Betty)

I call this my, "$100 Bill Miracle."  As a brand new Christian, I hadn't "learned" the principle that I deployed back in 1992. I want to share this with all people, so that you may see and have your faith strengthen that God can use ANYONE at anytime.   At the time of this miracle, I was as carnal as any new believer... yet God wanted to reveal His power to me! Thank You, Jesus!!

It was a Friday afternoon, in Abilene, TX and I needed to get my car out of the shop. The cost was going to be $100. I cashed my check and put the $100 in my pocket. When I got to the car repair shop to pay, the $100 was gone.  I lost it somewhere, somehow. And in an hour I had a date with a man in another town called Coleman, about 45 minutes away. So, borrowing someone's car, I began driving to my date. I was so upset and frustrated at myself for losing that money that I was praying and crying my heart out to God.  Soon, I was hearing myself say, "Lord, if the devil stole my $100, make him give it back!!!" I was praying with everything in me and I prayed this line over and over until I got to Coleman.

Upon meeting up with my date, he wanted to go to the liquor store to get some beer. By the time I got to Coleman, it was raining and was already dark. We parked close to a street light in the parking lot of the liquor store and I slid out on the driver's side. All along I was telling my date about my losing the $100 bill.  As we left the liquor store, and I began to get back inside the truck from the driver's side, I looked down to the ground because there was a mud puddle nearby I did not want to step in.

As I looked down, I saw something unusual. I bent down to get a closer look and picked up something covered in wet mud and had tires tracks on it. I brushed off the mud to see that it was a $100 bill!  I began rejoicing, and looking up to Heaven through the windshield of the truck (as if God can't see me through the truck's roof!!), thanking Him, praising Him and marveling in my answered prayer. Of course, my unbelieving date tried to tell me that I hadn't lost the money at all.


But I remained steadfast in the miracle because the $100 was literally covered in mud and it was a miracle just for me to be able to see it laying on the ground in a mud puddle, in the dark and covered with wet muddy tire tracks.  Needless to say, 2 things happened that night. First, my faith zoomed to the top believing in God and His power and that He loved me enough to make the devil give my $100 back, and second, that was the last time I saw that man  and my real faith-walk with God began.  Thank You, Jesus!  Amen and Hallelujah!!


John and I were visiting a new church in Wylie, TX called, Summit Church.  At the very beginning of the service, the pastor, Randy Hill, announced that there were many people here that needs prayer for healing. He organized the group of people in preparation of being prayed for. At that moment, John said to me, "Go pray for that lady over there." But I hesitated and said, "But this is not our church and I didn't think it was appropriate for non-members to go pray for people at a new church." But John insisted until I finally gave in. By the time I walked over to her, she already had three other ladies praying for her and another woman off to the side, overseeing the prayer. But the Lord said to me, "Stay there and wait for them to finish."  Soon, the overseer saw me just standing there looking awkward. She looked at me like, "what are you doing? This lady is already being prayed for." But I just shrugged my shoulders and remained in place. Soon the other ladies were finished and walked away.

I asked the young mother, who had a young child in a papoose-kind of wrapping around her holding the infant close to her, if she got her healing from the ladies before me. She said no. So, I got a summary of the problem and asked permission to lay my hands on her hips. As I did, I prayed in tongues. I looked up to her face and she began smiling very broadly. At that precise moment, I heard the enemy of our souls say, "See? she is laughing at you!" So, I just casually said, "So, what's going on?" And she said, "It's like Jesus is in there moving things around!" And I said, "Great! Let's just continue until Jesus is finished."


I kept my eye on her while praying in tongues until I saw her big smile begin to fade away. Afterwards, she said that all of the pain is gone. She explained that she had been to 6 other churches before this one, has had many people pray for her ever since the birth of her 9 month old infant with no results.  Then she bent over and said to me, "Who are you? Where did you come from?" I just gave her my first name and told her that we were visiting this church for the first time. She marveled over her complete healing and praised God for what He did for her. Amen!!


I was attending the Global School of Supernatural Summer Intensive.  Every other day, we would go walk the streets to pray for people.  I, and another lady I had been rooming with went out together.  As we prayed that God would bring people for us to pray for, I saw a young man walking toward us, holding his side.  As he approached us, I asked him what was wrong that he was holding his side.


He told us that he got hit with a baseball and has a big knot over his ribs. I asked him if I could pray for him. He looked at us very oddly and hesitated, but finally said that I could. So, I got permission for me to put my hand on the place he was injured. I saw that the knot was literally as large as a softball. I covered my hand over the swelling and prayed in tongues.  As I prayed, I felt the lump begin to shrink.


I kept praying until my once-cupped hand was laying flat upon his ribs and released my hand, thanking Jesus.  I instructed him to check out what God had done for him. He put his hand on the place that was once swollen and had a shocked look on his face as he looked at me and my prayer partner.  I told him that Jesus has healed him! 


He was so amazed and startled by the healing that he was speechless and just kind of backed away from us and continued on down the sidewalk, looking back at us ever so often.  Praise God! He really does heal...even unbelievers!  And prayerfully, maybe this young man is now a believer in Jesus!!  Hallelujah!


I was texting with a friend from church who began to tell me about her brother in Arkansas who was about to die.  She said that he was only breathing at 30% and they did not think he was going to make it through the night.  She asked me to pray for him.  So, I began texting out a prayer from my cell phone for her brother. A few of the things I prayed were like commanding life to come back into his body, full breathing ability and capacity to be restored, canceling the assignment of the enemy to take this man's life and commanding all of his bodily functions to respond and resume to perfect function and perfect harmony, etc. I prayed everything that I have learned over the years.

My friend thanked me for the prayer. A couple of days later, I followed up with my friend to see how her brother was doing.  She said that her brother was alive and well!  She said that when he woke up the next morning after I prayed for him, he jumped out of bed, pulled all the tubes out of his body and was standing at the window of the ICU unit when the doctor came in and saw her brother standing up out of bed. After the doctor got over his state of shock, he checked out her brother and released him from the hospital that very day! 


Hallelujah! God is so AWESOME, He even answers prayers via text messages! And as His Word states, He knows no time or distance. Because He answered this prayer from me in Texas to a dying man in Arkansas!! Thank You, Jesus! We give You all the praise, all the honor and all the glory forever!!  Amen and Amen!!


We were a part of an evangelistic ministry, going out on the streets with this evangelist for several months when we found out that our friend was in the hospital with a serious case of pneumonia. They asked us to go pray for him and we did so. I got permission from him to put my hands on his lungs and I began to pray in tongues and continued praying and laying on of my hands for what seemed like 30 minutes, until I heard the Lord say that I was finished praying. We visited for a few minutes then left.  I followed up to see how he was doing and found out that the pneumonia was gone and he was released from the hospital the next day after we went to pray for him!  Thank You, Jesus!!


We were visiting a couple whom we are friends with when I noticed that her jaw was swollen and she seemed to be in pain.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she has an abscessed tooth that sometimes flares up. So, I got permission to pray and to lay hands on her jaw and prayed in tongues.  We finished our visiting and left. The next day, my friend called me and said that the abscess is totally healed!  Thank You, Jesus!!  


My brother had tumors on his lungs, so I went to visit him in Illinois.  I laid my hands on his lungs and prayed in tongues. Soon, my hands became so hot that my brother noticed it and became a bit uneasy. I explained that this is normal as God is sending His healing power into my brother's body.  So, he relaxed and I continued the laying on of hands until the heat began to subside. Later, we found out that one of the tumors was completely gone and the other one had significantly been reduced in size. My brother began feeling better immediately after we prayed for him.  God is so GOOD!


We were ministering at a local homeless shelter when we began talking to a couple. The lady was quivering uncontrollably and didn't know what to do about it. They were planning to take her to the hospital.  Betty asked permission to lay hands on her hands and began praying in tongues.  Commands for the quivering to stop and the root cause of the issue to leave her body came forth.  And almost immediately, the quivering began to subside. Betty kept praying until all quivering stopped.  The lady looked at me with shock and amazement at what God did for her. Thank You, Jesus!!

John's Testimonies of Healings and Miracles for God's Glory!

​While attending Bible College, John was afforded many more opportunities to pray for people's healings outside of our Healing Rooms, Outreaches and Healing Services!  Here are some of his experiences with God!


Before a healing service was about to start a man came up to me with his wife at his side and he had a large visible tumor on his neck as well as some visible lumps on the side of his midsection.  He said that his doctor told him the tumors were very aggressive but that he was believing God would heal him.  He was trembling and wanting to hope for healing. 


I laid my hand over the neck tumor and cursed the tumors in his body and cursed the cancer in his body and commanded them to disappear. The man was agreeing, saying “Yes” and “Amen” and beginning to relax.  I then commanded the pain to go and asked the man if the pain was less.  He then started smiling and tearing up and said the pains were gone and then started laughing and looking about and saying “Thank You, Jesus!”


Then I lifted my hand and the neck tumor was now gone.  I told the man to check and he put his hand up on his neck and then his eyes got big and he looked at his wife and said “It’s gone!” And she looked at his neck and started laughing with a big smile and they held each other’s hands and started bouncing up and down and crying and laughing.  Then the man said “Thank you! Oh! Thank you!” and I looked at his body and saw the lumps gone from his midsection and he was actually visibly more trim than when he first came up ! 


I said, “The lumps from your body are gone, too!” And he looked and felt his body and just started sobbing and laughing and the two hugged each other for a minute or more and he shook his fists and stepped back and he was just so overwhelmed.  But then they said “Thank you.” several times as they made their way to their seats in humble emotion and astonishment.   


After a healing service The Lord pointed out a lady who was visibly concerned, so I asked her, “Are you alright, ma’am?”  And she said, “No, my daughter needs prayer.  She’s had a degenerative spine condition for years and she’s in a lot of pain.  Maybe -  could you pray for her?”   So she called her daughter over to us, and she was in her twenties and very hunched over and had a very concerned or anxious expression. 


I said, “ Hi, would it be alright if I prayed for you?” and she said, “…Okay” but still seemed concerned.  I asked her, “Are you in pain right now?” And she quickly said “Yes, and I can’t even play with my daughter!”. And she started to tear up.  So, I said, “Do you want Jesus to heal you right now?” and she started to shake a bit but nodded and looked at her mother and looked even more concerned. 


So I gently laid my hand on her upper back and started rebuking the pain and commanding her spine to come into its alignment.  But I felt no change and knew there was a resistance against the healing, so I said, “Are you okay? Are you feeling anything change?” And she said “Not really.”   So I prayed in the Spirit silently and The Lord showed me she had a debilitating fear in her mind. 


 So, I told her, “The Lord says He wants to free you up from fear.  Would you let Him do that? “  And she broke into sobbing and choked out a ‘Yes” and so, I said, “Okay, but I’m going to have to ask you to agree with Jesus that that fear has to leave you, will you do that?” And she cried even more but nodded, so, with my leading she gathered herself up and said, “Fear, you have to leave – so get out!” and then she burst out with one last sob and said, “ I will not fear anymore! ”


And I said, “Good job!, now I want you to give your pain to Jesus because He already promised to take your pain and He’s waiting for you to give it to Him, okay?” And she said, “Okay!” with a little smile. So I said, “Where’s the pain?” and she let out a laugh and said, “It’s- It’s gone!” So I said, “Great, now we command your back to receive its healing and come into proper alignment. – Okay, …Back, you are healed! ….Now, The Lord wants you to do something you couldn’t do.”  And she looked at her mother and said, “Like,.. stand up?” And her mother said, “Yes, go ahead!”


So the young woman just slowly straightened her back all the way up with no hunch at all, and the excitement on her face was amazing, she was laughing and crying and in such amazement.  She looked at her mother and her mother was smiling so brightly and was so overjoyed! Then the daughter closed her eyes and said “Oh, my God! Now I can play with my daughter!” 


And she cried with joy and then quickly reached out to her mom and they just hugged and cried and they just shut their eyes and stayed like that, and I just said, “You’re healed! Praise God! It’s real! Now don’t let anyone tell you you’re not healed, okay?” And they didn’t even stop hugging, she just nodded “okay” and was smiling and she had so much peace, she looked like a different person!  It was awesome!


A man came up for prayer obviously experiencing discomfort saying that he had a double kidney infection for over six months and antibiotics were not helping.  The Lord told me, “Tell him I’m going to heal him.” So, I did and his face showed he was relieved somewhat.  Then I walked behind him and laid my hands on both kidney areas and I declared, “This man is healed!” I commanded the infection to die immediately and the disease to leave him “right now.”   And I asked him if he felt anything and he said, “It’s better,” with a little bit of surprise.  So I told him to thank Jesus for taking the pain and he did and I spoke peace and life to his kidneys and commanded the kidneys to receive the healing.

We were visiting a man in his sixties who was not a believer, who told us he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer with elevated PSA levels and that he would soon need surgery to remove the prostate.  We prayed for him, thanking Jesus for loving him and for healing him and commanding the cancer to be gone. 


We spoke healing to his body and told his body to receive the healing.  He was happy to hear the prayer and thanked us.  When he returned to the doctor, his PSA level was significantly reduced so that he did not need to have the surgery any time soon.  Even after two years he still did not need the surgery.


We were in a bible study group and at the end I asked if there were any prayer requests and one group member tearfully said his doctor showed him his heart scans and that there was a great deal of artery blockage and he would need surgery very soon.  He was frightened to think that his young children might not have a healthy father.  


God gave us a strong compassion and an anger rose up against this affliction.  We immediately lad hands on the man and sternly cursed the blockage disorder and commanded it to get out of his body and we blessed his arteries to be clear.  God instructed us to tell him that the blockage was gone and he said he felt powerful changes in his chest cavity while we were praying.  He returned to his doctor and asked to repeat the scans, and this time the doctor was shocked to find there was no significant blockage.  He has never needed the surgery or any other treatment for blockage.


A friend told us his teenage son had Asperger’s syndrome and was doing terribly with his behavior and in school and was likely to be dismissed to a special school.   We told the friend that God heals this disease, often through ministry.  We told him that his son would be sensitive to seeing his parents’ faith. So we prayed for his son and commanded the Asperger’s disease to leave him and thanked God for giving his son a healthy brain. 


We blessed the father and mother with strong faith from The Lord and instructed them to keep believing their son was now just fine and to speak the blessing of being healed over the boy in all situations.  Within a few weeks has behavior and school work were not only improved but the boy was excelling as never before and showing strong talents.  After high school the boy enrolled in college and continued to excel.


We prayed for a man with extremely severe congestive heart disease who was on so much medicine, he struggled to be away from home.  We prayed a simple prayer to speak healing to his heart and command the congestion to be gone.  We blessed him to be freed from having to take the medicine.  After a few months he had reduced his medicine by about half and had become quite active and even was comfortable hiking on the mountains.



A man came into our healing rooms unable to hear clearly out of one ear due to nerve damage destruction caused by a war injury and corresponding surgery many years ago.  We commanded any spirit of confusion or distraction to leave him.  We commanded the nerves to be reformed according to God’s design and to be whole and healthy.  We spoke a blessing of clarity in his hearing and we gave God praise for healing his hearing.  Soon the man was hearing more clearly than since the injury and teaching his ear to hear more clearly every day.


A woman came into our healing rooms with sever rashes on her neck and leg.  We thanked God for comforting her and for healing the rashes.  We also blessed her with clear healthy skin.  When we looked after the prayer, the rashes were significantly better and she could feel the improvement as well.


A woman came to the healing rooms with pain and poor movement in her elbow from tendonitis.  We thanked The Lord Jesus for taking her pain, we blessed her to give her pain to Him, and we spoke a blessing of healing for her elbow.  We commanded her body to receive its healing as she agreed with the prayers.  After the prayers she felt no pain and improved movement was restored to her elbow.



I was ministering at a shelter in the winter when a man came in with his wife who was looking very anxious.  When she found out that she would have to stay in women’s quarters separate from her husband she began to panic and cry out, “I can’t! – You have to let me stay with my husband!” She was overcome by the fear.  I asked her if she would let us pray with her and she agreed. 


I blessed her with the authority over fear but at this she began to wail in despair and cry again.  I asked her to be still for a moment ask God why a strong daughter of His might be so afraid.  She told me of merciless torment and beating at the hands of her father when she was a girl.  I blessed her with the love of her true Father in heaven but she was still very fearful.  I blessed her with the gospel of Jesus Christ and led her in a prayer of thanksgiving for the power or forgive. 


I then asked her to forgive her father.  After several minutes of encouragement, she finally forgave her father, so I asked her to command the fear to leave.   After several minutes of deciding to be obedient to her Lord, Jesus, she said, “Yes, Lord, I forgive my Father…And I command that devil of fear to LEAVE ME NOW!”  She noticed a smile come to her face and looked at me and said, “Is that it? Is that all I had to do?”


But she knew that the fear was gone and she began declaring that she was never going to let the devil make her afraid again and continued marveling about her freedom.   She was now confident and resolved and looked like a different person altogether.  As soon as she was in the line for the woman’s shelter she saw a young woman who was very worried and she started encouraging her that there was nothing to be afraid of and that everything would be alright.  I later heard that she was leading a bible study in the shelter that night – with her new-found boldness in Christ!

Some Healing Testimonies with John and Betty Together for God's Glory!


A woman came to our healing bible study limping badly, saying she had been in a car accident and had a lot of pain and that the doctor told her she would have to get her foot amputated.   She had been believing for God to heal her but the foot was not improving.  We laid hands on her foot and thanked The Lord for taking her pain and healing her and strengthening her.


We commanded the bones and joints to take their proper places and to be strong.   She also mentioned she was taking many medications for pain but still in pain.  We blessed her with the power to give her pain to the Lord and receive His comfort.  Soon she said her pain was much less and she could feel her foot getting better.  We saw her again in a few weeks no longer limping but smiling and saying she had very little pain, had stopped most of her pain medications, and was resolved to keep her foot because she was healed by Jesus.


Our son, when in elementary school, continually exhibited involuntary movements of his arms, hands, neck, and jaw.  When his doctor diagnosed him to have Tourette’s syndrome, we prayed over him, commanding the TS to get out of his body and brain and we began telling him continually that he was fine and the activity would soon go away.


He experienced a strong improvement over the next weeks and continued with less and less spasms until within a year or so, the spasms were rare and mild.  He became a talented drummer and a good basketball player, and is now a teacher and is engaged to be married this year!


One of our first healings together was for our daughter Sophie, when she was 13 at the time, suffered a knee injury.  Later on, we discovered that she actually had a a tear in two knee ligaments and was unable to walk.  We prayed and commanded the knee to be completely healed. The next day, her knee was feeling better, but we chose to take her to the doctor anyway to get a diagnosis. 


The doctor said that 2 ligaments were torn and she might need surgery.  So, we continued to pray for her knee and declared that she would not need surgery.  Within a few days, the swelling was down considerably - now this is with no treatments or therapy.  Sophie was taught how to receive the healing by saying, "Thank You, Jesus, I receive Your healing. Amen." 


And today?  Sophie did not have to have surgery AND she has been a zealous Zumba instructor for at least 4 years with no problems from her knee.  Amen!!


We were visiting some friends in Texas when they told us that they were going to go visit a relative  in Oklahoma because she is in the hospital and has what seems to be an uncontrollable flesh-eating disease that is getting worse by the day.  We were planning to drive back home soon after our visit with our friends, so we offered to go through Oklahoma to go pray for the relative. 


We contacted our friends' relative and got her permission to go by to pray for her.  She had since been released to go home because the doctors could do nothing more for her.  So, we arrived at her home and promptly prayed over this lady. As we did, I felt my hands getting very hot as they laid on her body near the site of the disease. I kept my hands on her body until I felt the heat of my hands subside.


We told her we would be following up with her in the days to come.  When we did, we were told that the flesh-eating disease has stopped and the flesh is growing back and all symptoms are gone!  Praise God!!! Thank You, Jesus for Your Love!


A friend told us his brother was in the hospital again with Pneumonia which had been on and off again for months. Additionally, they just discovered that he was suspected of contracting Sepsis while in the hospital. We felt compelled to go pray for him and therefore offered to go pray for him, though we had never met him. 


When we arrived, we found out that he had also had bedsores.  So, Betty got permission to lay hands on his lungs and began praying in tongues and declaring the lungs healed and canceling the assignment of the enemy to also give him Sepsis on top of Pneumonia.  We declared all bodily systems be restored, John cursed the Pneumonia and commanded it to die.


We refused to allow the Sepsis to afflict his body and John commanded his immune system to be strengthened in the Lord.  The next time we spoke to them, he was out of the hospital with no more trace of Pneumonia or Sepsis and the bedsores were gone!  Praise God!!


We were conducting a healing service in Dallas when the pastor and his wife brought up their infant daughter who had been having repeated seizures.  They explained that their daughter a brain disorder from birth.  We prayed in tongues then began speaking life, wholeness and perfect function into her body. We commanded the disorder to leave the infant's body, declaring all the electrical, chemical and magnetic frequencies to be in perfect harmony and canceling the assignment of seizures in her body. 


Later, we found out that the child was doing much better and the seizures were subsiding. We continue to pray for this little life!!  Amen!


At another healing service, a woman and her husband came up for prayer for her.  She explained that her hips had been misaligned most of her life.  This was causing her pain and restricted movement in her hips and back as well.  She was visibly concerned about her condition and anxious at the thought that only a prayer could help her. 


Betty asked if she could check out her legs to see if one might be shorter than the other. And sure enough!  One leg was at least an inch shorter than the other.  Betty commanded the leg to grow and it did. The leg grew out equal to the other. Then John began praying for her back to be healed while Betty laid hands on her hips as she was still seated.  Her countenance changed to surprise and joy. So Betty asked, "So, what's going on?" She said she had felt a movement in her hips and told us that her pain was gone! 


Thank You, Jesus, You are our Healer!!


Betty's brother had come to visit us when we found out that he was in great pain. He had surgery that fused several vertebrae together that restricted his movement greatly. He is a carpenter and cabinet builder. He had not been able to work for a number of years because of his back. So, John laid hands on his back and commanded the spine to be healed with all movement as God had given him. We commanded the pain to go and comfort to fill his body. 


Betty's brother stood up and bent over and raised up and stretched and said that the pain was all gone! Amen!! And now he is able to work and even built us an exercise room in our home!  Thank You, Jesus!


A man came to our Healing Room with his wife. We were told that he had an MRI done and showed that he had a tumor shaped like a peanut on the brain stem. This tumor was considered to be an aggressive type was causing him much pain and migraine headaches. He was due to have another MRI done in a couple of weeks. So, first Betty laid her hand on his neck in the area of the tumor's site and prayed in tongues.


The Healing Team also prayed the things that God laid on their hearts to pray. We commanded perfect health into his body, healing of the tumor that it would shrivel up and die. God showed John that the tumor was shrinking away. The couple was encouraged by our prayers. We instructed the man on how to receive and keep his healing and how to strengthen his faith for healing.


The couple returned a second time on the request of the wife before having the 2nd MRI.  We thanked God for healing him and encouraged them to stand on God's Word to heal him. The Healing Team asked the wife if she had ever received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. She had not and asked to receive this Baptism - and did so! Immediately, she was praying in tongues with the team.  Her husband has remarked that her faith has grown greatly. 


So, after the 2nd MRI, he called to set up another time to get together. When he met with John, he said that this MRI showed that the tumor had shrunk considerably and looked like a prune. And he said that the headaches he was having were not as bad.  Thank You Jesus for this man's complete healing, AMEN!


A student at Bible College used a cane and a service dog told us that all she could see was a faint glow of light.  One day during worship time at the college, she remarked that she could see flashing of light coming from Betty's worship flags as she flagged.  She asked us to pray for her to be able to see.  So Betty commanded sight to come into her eyes, for the sight to be completely restored.


She commanded a creative miracle to build new eyes in this student.  Soon after, at a group meeting John asked the student if he could pray for her again. John thanked God for giving her excellent vision and cursed the blindness and commanded it to leave her body. John then asked her to look carefully to see more detail. She saw another student moving her arm, which was more than she had been able to see. 


She was excited about the improved vision.  John instructed her to constantly use her vision to its best ability and she promised she would. She has been prayed for many, many times and also again after we prayed.  She now no longer needs the cane or the dog and walks by herself as she wishes!  Praise God!!  


A fellow member of our church was visiting and asked Betty to pray for ADD to leave her.  So Betty prayed and every symptom of ADD left her from that very day.  Betty also instructed her that the enemy will try to convince her that she was not healed of ADD and that she needed to take her authority over the enemy and not to let the symptoms come back. 


John also told her that God had given her full command over her mind and advised her not to accept any distractions by the enemy. Betty later saw her at a Bible Studies group meeting and she stated that she is healed of ADD!  Praise God!!


John's aunt called him and told him that her doctor said she had two forms of aggressive cancers which was causing her face to be deformed and also having pain in her shoulder.  Knowing John would pray for healing for her, she told him that she was not going to survive this. She had elected not to have any treatment.  John did not accept the cancer and cursed it and commanded it to leave her body.  He delivered a blessing of healing and life over her.  He also thanked Jesus for taking her pain away. 


She reported to John that her symptoms had subsided and the swelling in her face had lessened. She decided to accept a minimal treatment, which the doctors said, may only help temporarily.  But her face returned to normal and the shoulder pain was nearly gone.  Inspired by God's healing power, and hearing that her life was not over, that God still had things for her to do, she preached the Gospel to a woman of a non-Christian religion who was helping her out at home. 


The woman asked to be taught to pray to Jesus. John's aunt called him to ask if he would teach the woman. John led the woman to Jesus!  The woman then asked if Jesus would let her pray for healing for others. John said, "yes, of course!" And then led her to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. She now prays in the Spirit and is seeking a life of being a witness for Jesus.   Hallelujah!


A woman was brought into the healing room in a wheel chair due to brain damage sustained as a baby.  She had not walked and her legs were very frail.  She could only speak a small number of words and the pronunciation was very slow and required great effort. We  commanded development and proper structure to her leg muscles and joints and blessed them with freedom, strength, skill, and power by the healing of The Lord. 


After this prayer she was able to lift her feet more strongly than she was normally able.  We lifted her from the wheelchair and she took steps and took some weight on her legs as we partly supported her.  She was very excited to have the improved strength and movement.   We then spoke the skill of talking over her, thanking Jesus for healing her talking.  We declared that she would soon be speaking many new words and sentences.  We instructed her to practice new words and the next week she was speaking much more than she had in a very long time.

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While this is a long list of what God has done in so many people's lives just since John and Betty began their healing ministry, this list is not exhaustive. There are many healings the Lord has done for many other people through John and Betty that could be documented.


But after this many testimonies, I'm sure you see just as they have come to believe that God is using John and Betty just as they believed He would.  This work is not to attract attention to themselves. They are the first to admit that they are not special people.


They simply want to offer encouragement and hope to those who desire to be healed. God wants to use ALL believers to help us believe that He really does love us; and of course, to show off His Glory, Power and Might against the powers of darkness. Amen!


ALL Believers in Jesus can have a life of healings, signs and wonders following them, since Jesus has given to all of us the ability to do these great things for God. John and Betty simply have a passion to see people healed, set free and delivered. They have accepted God's calling on their lives to finish out their life doing what Jesus did while on Earth... and MORE, because He has gone to the Father! Praise God! Amen! 


His Guiding Light Ministries can help you cut the learning curve to walking as Jesus did while on Earth!  If you would like training in this area, please contact us!


Lord, we give YOU all the Glory for these wondrous acts by You through our hands.  We are just the jumper cables!  Praise God!! We thank You, that You find us usable vessels while we exalt and praise Your mighty name! 


Let Your Glory fall upon every person on Earth, Lord, that they may come to know the Love You have for them and Your desire that all be saved, healed, set free and delivered!!!  


Amen and Amen!

1 John 4:17 (NKJV)

Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.

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